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Nathan Phillips

Technology & Operations

The Founder. Has lived in four countries, but was Midwest raised from Carolina roots. A brand builder and boostrapper, loves solving problems. Usually wears blue jeans & a black shirt. Started coding on a Commodore 64. Avid reader and wannabe writer. Diehard Arsenal fan. Idea collector obsessed with merging the worlds of bits & atoms. Liberty lover seeking life in the light. Runs primarily on tacos, caffeine, Mr Goodbar, cheeseburgers, and craft beer.

Nathan started Foundations to use his expertise and talents to make the lives of those he works with a little bit better… and a helluva lot more fun.

Josh Meduri

Business & Marketing Strategy

Josh’s biggest strength lies in his ability to see how individual pieces fit together into the big picture and communicate that in a relatable, no-nonsense way.

As a lifelong business owner, Josh is always thrilled to help other entrepreneurs and owners succeed by building brands that genuinely attract the right customers. This allows them to focus on doing what they were meant to do, and just makes life better and easier for everyone.

What lights Josh up in his free time is playing with his four kids, sitting on his porch with his wife, and skateboarding every spare moment he finds.

We’re always at Burial Beer at 4pm on Thursdays. Join us…